The complete destiny for your life

We make your dreams come true in the best place of Acapulco... Palacio Mundo Imperial. We seek to capture the personality of our future boyfriends, visualizing the concept of your event.

Our services

For Palacio Mundo Imperial each couple is unique and therefore each wedding has its own personality.

Our couples are special and deserve the right time to be heard. Have confidence that at Palacio Mundo Imperial, your dream will be fulfilled.

We invite the couple to get to know each other personally so that they can dream and experience a unique experience in our facilities.

Mundo Imperial

For Palacio Mundo Imperial originality is important. What distinguishes us is the personalized treatment with our future boyfriends.

We make your dreams come true. One of our main goals is the passion for the extraordinary.

We have highly trained people to take the coordination of your wedding to another level. We organize, coordinate and design your event to suit our most demanding clients.



Pamela Flores 

Social Events Coordinator

Weddings at Resort Mundo Imperial